Iwona Kiezun, Head of HR, KCR

In recent years, careers in the clinical research industry have become much more desirable. Many recent graduates recognize the possibility of developing life-changing therapies and seek to join a clinical research or life science organization right after graduation.

As a result, the life science industry now has a highly selective talent pool with the proper education, skills and experiences for key roles. Due to the complex nature of the work, research professionals are quite multidimensional, and candidates need to be technically skilled with regulatory knowledge, medical expertise and data science proficiency while maintaining a…

By: Douglas Bain, Chief Technology Officer, KCR

It has been stated for at least 10 years at EDC systems are largely a commodity. A CRO or Sponsor can pick any number of systems and they are all able to perform acceptably.

However, the quality (functionally) of a system and how it is configured has significant bearing on the (site and monitor) time spent to achieve a quality data set. An extra 3 days in optimizing an eCRF implementation has the potential to save 100’s of days of site and CRO time. Below is one very specific, but impacting area;

Missing Data impact


This advice series aims to promote KCR’s commitment to professional development by highlighting the career achievements and diverse paths to success of many of our team members. We hope to support the next generation of scientists and clinical development professionals by offering advice and encouragement from our accomplished employees, and further by hiring for more entry-level roles in 2021.

Aneta Szewczyk, Head of Clinical Operations & People Services

I joined KCR in 2008 after working in the pharmaceutical industry for many years. In my professional career, I have worked for several international pharmaceutical companies holding various positions in clinical trial monitoring, international clinical trial management, line management, data management…

Boston, MA, 18 March 2021 — KCR, the international clinical development solutions provider, continues further in the development and implementation of Veeva Clinical Data Management Systems and Veeva Quality Management Solutions. As the first CRO in Europe implementing Veeva Vault Clinical Documentation solutions, KCR has been expanding its digital research platform with Veeva products since 2014. This year KCR is extending its offer with the Veeva Clinical Data Management Suite, which combines electronic data capture (EDC), coding, data cleaning, and reporting.

Continuously improving clinical trial performance is one of KCR’s top priorities, therefore we are determined to use state-of-art technology…

The KCR Mailbox is a new, multi-part Q&A series featuring KCR experts’ responses to frequently asked question about industry hot topics. KCR leaders will respond to an email by detailing their opinions.

Iwona Kiezun, Head of HR & Adm:

Q: Why Developing Company Culture is so important today?

A: After a year of social distancing, lack of F2F meetings, and working from home experience, company culture and the value we place on it has changed immensely.

Strong company culture has traditionally been prioritized so organizations can attract and retain high quality candidates and employees; this remains true. In the past, cultural practices in the workplace tended to…

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Boston, MA, 4 March 2021 — KCR has officially partnered with Azure, a Microsoft-managed cloud service company, for the complete transfer of KCR’s Data Canters to virtual cloud services.

The change is one in a series of steps that KCR is taking to digitalize our global systems and processes. With Microsoft Azure, we gain greater performance, scalability and resilience to support our global business operations. This switch aligns our operations with our agile Software as a Service (SaaS) cloud application vendors such as Veeva and Oracle that we rely on to service and support the clinical trials we run.


The clinical solution provider extends its geographical coverage to Oceania

Boston, MA, 25 February 2021 — KCR, the international clinical development solutions provider, today announced the establishment of a new branch in Sydney, Australia. The new location will enhance KCR’s regional coverage and maximize clinical capabilities for clients across the globe.

President & CEO, Mike Jagielski commented, “We are very pleased with the move. We’ve observed steady interest in expanding to this region from our primary biotechnology clients in Boston, and Sydney has a reputation for its strong clinical development potential. …

By: Dave Li, MD, PhD and Anna Baran, MD — KCR Consulting


Why are vaccines important and relevant to human health?

Disease prevention is an integral and important part of human health. The focus and practice of disease prevention is different from medical intervention for the treatment of an illness after clinical diagnosis. Preventive medicine is mainly targeting healthy populations, with goals to encourage healthy lifestyles through public education, vaccination programs, and early recognition of illness.

The vaccination approach works to boost human immunity in family and public health settings. Vaccinations or immunization are proven effective and efficient in…

By: Irena Lambridis, KCR Director of Quality Assurance & Compliance

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As an organization grows within the clinical space, at some point it may consider the benefits of working to add an ISO 9001 certification to its corporate toolbox. The International Organization for Standardization (ISO) is an independent, non-governmental organization that develops standards to ensure the quality, safety and efficiency of products, services and systems.

Achieving an ISO, QMS-focused 9001 certification can pay considerable dividends in improved efficiency, compliance, productivity and customer satisfaction. …

By: Tetyana Byelyayeva, MD, Head of Regional Clinical Operation Services at KCR

Almost one year ago, humanity experienced the first cases of COVID-19. At that time, nobody could have imagined the magnitude of the global consequences it would have. The COVID-19 pandemic changed our reality and influenced nearly all areas of our lives.

In the clinical research world, a lot of trial sites re-organized their activities to enhance patient safety and to stay compliant with protocol requirements. In such unpredictable circumstances, sponsor oversight on site activities became even more crucial than they were in a pre-coronavirus crisis. …


KCR is an international clinical development solutions provider for the bio-pharmaceutical & medical device industries.

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